Architect — what's with a title?

Is the title of an Architect still relevant in the catch-all state of the Designer title?

Jonnel Mamauag
6 min readMar 27, 2023
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Architecture has been an art and science around for centuries relating to the built environment. The Architect is the professional trained and skilled in designing and constructing buildings, structures, and spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In architecture, the title of an architect is an important aspect that cannot be ignored. The title is a designation that a professional has earned through education, experience, and licensing. In addition, it symbolises credibility, recognition, and trust in the industry. This article explores the significance of the title of an architect, the types of titles in architecture, the requirements for obtaining a title, the benefits of having a title, and the challenges associated with obtaining and maintaining a title.

The Significance of a Title in the Field of Architecture

The role of an architect is critical in the construction industry. An architect is responsible for designing structures that meet the needs of their clients while ensuring that they are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the…



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